Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter - 01/26/15

Adelante Caminante!!
How is everyone doing? So, a little bit of news... I'm not sure if I'm staying in Phoenix or if I'm getting transferred. Most of the Mission is getting changed because our numbers are too big, so I won't know until tomorrow night. But, I know wherever I go is where I'm supposed to be! So, as for this week it's been pretty slow but fairly normal.
Some exciting things that have happened are...I bought a homeless guy lunch. He was so lonely looking and sad so I bought him lunch.. after I realized he had a box of brand new Bud Light, but hey, it's OK because I helped him anyways. Next, I planned a wedding for some investigators, actually let's call them friends. They are getting married this Thursday, and I have to do decorations. Another thing that happened this week was we had exchanges.  I went with Sister Schroeder in the English area and had four good lessons! Something else that happened is I found $5 dollars on the side of the road! I'm giving it to St. Mary's Food Bank because our Zone is saving all the change we find to donate to help the people who don't have food. Aside from that, Sister Thompson and I worked our tails off this week to have lessons, and we did really good. We have been teaching the Palacios Family, and the Villalabazo family. Other than that my week has been really normal, and kind of slow.  But, something cool...I have had four people compliment on how much my Spanish has improved!
Well, today I have plans to go get pedicures with Sister Thompson, and possibly get lunch!! It's going to be fun for our last P-day together.  Sorry I'm super boring this week with my email because I have NOTHING to write about.. haha but Missionary work/life is awesome. I hope everyone has a good week!!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Greenhalgh
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I found $5
You can't handle us, we're animals!
Chick Fil A from the Zayas family!! 
My Companion...Hermana Thompson
I'm really Asian!
Being silly with Chris and Alex Palacios




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