Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dying Isn't That Fun - Letter 09/21/15

Buenos Dias!

Sorry that I only sent a paragraph last week, I was super busy sending in final pictures and getting my college application finished. Things are starting to settle in that I'm leaving. Tuesday night I got my "trunky packet" which included my flight itinerary, bike information, interviews, and departure items. Times has flown way TOO fast! I can't believe I'm under 20 days of coming home. To be quite honest I'm not ready for this to end, I LOVE MY MISSION! I've changed so much, and I love Arizona! I will be leaving a huge part of my heart here. But needless to say I'm so excited to see all of you! It's been a long time! Please forgive me if I'm weird when I come home, mission life is the bomb. 
 As far as my week goes Miguel got baptized Saturday, and his wife is getting baptized the 2nd of October! We are so excited! She's awesome! Also her mom and her sister are now interested in taking the discussions!! I can't wait to see the generations blessed because of their decision to be baptized! Speaking a baptisms, I get to go to Phoenix this coming Saturday to see Ingrid get baptized!! Yay! I taught her for 11 months, and she's finally getting baptized! I'm so excited! 
 "The best sound that I have ever heard, is the sound a water running in the church!"  Nashville Tribute Band "hardest thing" you should all look it up and cry with me because my mission's ending. My companion Sister Allred is awesome! She's the best trainee I could ever ask for! She's just like me, and it's so funny to see her do the same things I did, and also to help her through the difficulties of Spanish! Awe, I just love my mission, and I wish I could extend for another 1 1/2 years haha. 

Enjoy your week! 

Hermana Greenhalgh 

P.S. We found this super awesome family while tracting! They are so amazing! They cried as we talked to them and the husband with all the tattoos said wiping tears from his eyes "you knocked the right door today!"
 Always a good time!


Monday, September 14, 2015

A Paragraph About My Week! - Letter 09/14/15

Good afternoon everyone,

This week flew by so quickly! I've been making preparations to come home. I had to send in my final photos, I'll be getting my trunky packet today, and I also have an interview with President for college
today! Time is flying by! This week has been great. We went to the Visitor's Center, had exchanges, visited the Humane Society and prepared Miguel for his baptism this weekend. Thank you all so much for your support and prayers! I really appreciate it! See you all in a couple weeks!

Hermana Greenhalgh

 Embracing the Culture!
Minute to Win It Games!
Visitor's Center with Montanes

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up! - Letter 09/07/15

Buenos Dias a todos!

How was everyone's week? That good huh? You all should seriously tell me how you're doing because I have no idea! Well as for my week it's been pretty good! Here in Casa Grande the work is going good. My companion and I are trying our best everyday to find and teach people about Christ! Oh speaking of me and my companion we are going to be on the mission page in the next couple of days because they have a special post about us! So look out on Facebook for that! 

Over this last week it has poured and poured and poured some more! We've had so much rain, which means we get a lot of floods! It's pretty scary to drive in, but we manage to do it. Thursday was the scariest! There was lightning all across Casa Grande, and it was literally raining cats and dogs! We got some fun pictures! Speaking of cats and dogs every Wednesday we get to go serve at the humane society and play with the dogs. It's so sad I just want to adopt all of them. There was on one dog named after "Star Wars" and she only had 3 legs.. So sad. But it's a neat experience!

As far as our investigators go, they are good! We have found two new families this week! We are so stoked! I've seen  people who were here a year ago who have changed. It's cool to see the change in people. One of our members was talking about me and how much I've changed since being here a year ago! She said "you have a different light about you, like you've learned a lot and been humbled not that you were prideful but you just seem more like Christ" it was so sweet to hear that. To be quite honest I'm not the same person I was 18 months ago. I've completely changed! 

Miracle time!! So my companion and I have been praying to know how to help a guy named Miguel and his wife prepare for baptism, and also we've been praying to know how to help in general. Well Sunday after church Miguel came up to me and Sister Allred and said "I want to be baptized next Saturday, I'm ready!" Our jaws drop... Uhh ok!! So he's getting baptized 18 of September! Whoop whoop! We are so excited for him! We are going to continue teaching his wife, and last night we extended a baptismal invite for the 3 of October and she accepted! #fastingworks #prayersanswered

Well that's all I got for now! Hope everyone enjoys their week! My mission is quickly slipping away! Ahh.. I don't know if I can handle not wearing my name tag...

Con Amor,
Hermana Greenhalgh 

Weekly Juice!
Lots of Rain!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Out With the Old, In With the New! Letter 8/31/15

Buenos Dias Familia,

Wow have I got news to tell you... So this week has been crazy! We were supposed to receive transfer calls Tuesday night, and so Sister Finau and I are waiting to receive them, and the APs call us and ask us to house two missionaries from Temple Square for the night. Well we didn't have anything for them to use for bedding. So we start making calls at 9:45 to find bedding, and had to leave our apartment in our PJs to go find it. When we found some bedding we rushed back to our apartment and quickly made the beds up, and waited. Then Sister Finau realized we didn't have any water to give them.. So here comes my ingenious companion she takes a hunk of ice out of the freezer and melts it in a pan. I was laughing so hard watching her try to melt this thing, but hey we got water right?
The Sisters finally showed up, and they were awesome! One was from France, and the other the Philippines. It was an interesting night!
So transfer calls didn't happen Tuesday night which was nerve racking.. But Wednesday morning around 10 they finally called. And guess who I got a call from? President Toone! Our mission phones all have a special ring tone for him so I immediately begin to panic when I heard it. I answered and he said "Hey Sister Greenhalgh we want to extend a call to you to be a trainer of a new missionary, and you'll be white washing, will you accept this call?" Sister Finau screamed and was so excited, I just kind of sat there like.. Uh you want me to be a trainer?? I accepted the call! A couple months back while having an interview with President I told him my biggest fears for my mission were to train and to white wash, guess what I'm doing both! Ahh! Anyways, I begin packing and after being in the same area, apartment, and city for 10 1/2 months it was hard to be leaving. Who knew I could learn to love Phoenix so much! 
As we went about the rest of our day, we went to the St. Mary's food bank and a guy who works there gave me a group shout out because I was leaving.. I felt awkward but it's all good. Next we went about proselyting and also said adios to a few people. After dinner the APs call again and ask us to come to Tempe for a devotional, so we run home, get ready, and head to Tempe.  When we got there we entered the mission home and got to see 20 new missionaries. As we started President Toone announced that I would be speaking, SURPRISE. So that happened, but it turned out ok!
Thursday morning was transfers! I had to attend a trainers meeting early, and got to meet the trainees. When's the actual meeting started I was super nervous.. One because I was training, and two because I was whitewashing. Ahh! Well they announced my name and said I would be training Sister Sarabeth Allred! She's from Colorado and I'm so lucky to call her my daughter! We've had so much fun, and I feel like I'm not training her she came pre-trained! She's awesome! She's super dedicated to the work, and has a great desire to share the Gospel with everyone! We've had a lot of success the last couple of days! 
Honestly, it's pretty weird to return back to an old area.. And only have 2 areas my whole mission. I returned back to the same house, same area, and same people. It's interesting, I can definitely see changes in the people some for the good, some for the bad. I would ask for all of your prayers to help me and my trainee find new and prepared people! I know this is going to be the best transfer of my mission, because I'm going to work even harder here than before! 
Here's to my last transfer of my mission! May the odds ever be in my favor!

Love you all,
Hermano Greenhalgh
Packing and Saying Goodbye
Building  Apartment Unity
With Hermana Allred