Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Baptisms, Birthday Parties, and Lots of Teaching - Letter 01/12/15

Hola familia!

Les extraños mucho! This week has been pretty good, a lot better than last week. It has been pretty eventful, and lots of learning experiences! Here's a little run down of everything that has happened...

 Monday:  Today we had zone activity and I had a heart to heart with the other sisters about everything that has been going on.  Sister Thompson and I taught two Gospel of Jesus Christ lessons.  Successful Monday night!

Tuesday:  Today we had District Meeting, and had two really good lessons with Irene, and the Villalbazo Family. Later we had the baptismal interview for Esteban and Nicole, they are so prepared for

Wednesday:  Today we went to the St. Mary's food bank and did service.  We did a assembly line and made over 1800 bags of food for families. Later, I went on my first exchange as Sister Training Leader. It was good.  Sister Kleinlein and I talked about life, and everything. It was good to get to know her. While Sister Thompson was in our area she visited our investigator Francisco, he's 12 and very intelligent.  I mean like Big Bang Theory intelligent. He told them he was atheist, which was a bummer... Later that night his step mom, who is member, texted us and said she was sorry, Francisco is going through a really hard time right now.

Thursday:  We received another text from Francisco's mom, Francisco woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to read the Book of Mormon.  He told his mom he had this feeling he needed to read it!!! Miracle :)  Later, we went to the Old Folks Home and did service there. We talked with this old guy name Lawerence.  He was hilarious! While we were there, the place made snacks for everyone, new snack Wheat Thins with cream cheese, ham, and pineapple...they taste like mini pizzas! Later that day, we had a few lessons and then went to find a referral from Church Headquarters.  When we found her she chewed us out and slammed the door in our face, I wanted to say "Lady you really need Jesus"!

Friday:  Today we had our weekly planning session, then had a lesson with Alejandra. Later, we went to dinner and some more lessons.  After, we finally found the Rangel family again. They have so many problems
going on right now, it's sad.  It makes me realize how truly blessed I am.

Saturday:  Today we had a lesson with Suzy, and then a lesson at the church with the Verdugo family with Hermano Tavizon to finish up baptismal stuff for Esteban and Nicole. Later, a few of our solid lessons fell through with the Palacio family, but we visited some less actives instead. Later we went to a Birthday party for Larry Hernandez, he is 6.  Boy, the Spanish culture sure like party! Brinca brinkas, piñatas, tres con Leche, food, and a Jukebox! It was fun!  It was themed after a famous tv show "Chavo." Later, we had dinner with Cecilia and helped her make cupcakes because she couldn't read English. After, we had an amazing lesson with Leslie.  She wants to go on a mission, so we told her all about missions.

Sunday:  Today we had Ward Conference and all the missionaries in our Ward, the six of us, sang "Come thou Fount" in Spanish. It went pretty well aside from the fact I am sick and I now currently have no voice.
Later, I went to a stake meeting, and then to dinner. After we had the baptism for Esteban and Nicole, and Isaiah, and Naomi. It was neat, I made cookies and everyone loved them!  The scouts are going to have me
and Sister Thompson teach them how to make them.

All in all it was a good week! I hope everyone is doing good! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Hermana Greenhalgh

Esteban and Nicole Baptism
Larry's Birthday Party
Bad case of Bieber Fever!

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