Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Make Sure You Know What You're Saying Before You Say It - Letter 06/09/14

Hola Familia!

Well get ready to laugh till you cry... So this week has been nothing short of hilarious. My companions and I have so much fun teaching people and finding people. They are both trainers so I have two trainers because they are the Sister-training leaders for Casa Grande. We had District meeting on Tuesday and President Toone said that one of us was leaving in two days, So Wednesday and Thursday we were all super nervous, but we didn't get a call so we are staying together!
Some fun things we did this week was shopping!! It was so weird to be in stores other than the grocery store. I bought lots of fun stuff and I'm sending Melissa's Birthday present today! Watch out for it!
This week my Spanish has been improving a little bit, and I'm starting to pick it up well, at least I think.. Yesterday was rather interesting.  We ate at a members home and they asked me to say the prayer on the food. I've never done a prayer on the food in Spanish in front of anyone... Well I said "gracias por la oportunidad comer la familia Sebrings" which means "thank you for the opportunity to eat the Sebrings..." Yeah talk about fun dinner conversation. I missed the word "con" which means with.
Another thing that happened yesterday was we had Stake Conference and since I'm in the Spanish Branch we had to sit in another room and listen to it be translated. Well the guy that was translating was doing great, then he switched with someone else, and that guy was AWFUL. He would skip sentences and he said "My wife is fat" instead of saying what he was supposed to. So it was really awkward and our investigators were there. So it was great conversation. Anyways, my companion Hermana Romano, from Blackfoot, went in and started translating. She is so good at Spanish and she helps me a ton. 
On Wednesday night my companions and I ate at a members home, and then we had a lesson in Eloy. When we got to Eloy the people we were teaching made us dinner...again! So we had to be kind and eat a second dinner. Next they got out their instruments and played a show for us. They are in a band and they are hilarious! They took lots of pictures with us, and played us lots of songs. Talk about a FIESTA! We were all laughing so hard, and trying to keep the food down. Also we got to do a service project and painted this ladies house she kept telling me to do stuff but I couldn't understand so I just smiled and nodded.. :) Language is fun!
Well that's all I got for this week! I have lots of pictures I'm attaching to emails so please put them on my Blog! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 
Hermana Greenhalgh


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