Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, March 2, 2015

Let the Good Times Roll - Letter 03/02/15

Buenos Dias Amigitos,

This week has been fantastic! I love my mission!  I literally don't ever want it to end!!! This week has been full of miracles! We have 6 people on date! 6! The Palacios are back on date! Celia introduces to me to everyone as her eternal best friend. :')
So a little about each of my days
Monday: We had a District activity of indoor bowling, zoo games, and Minute to Win It! It was super fun!
Tuesday: Today we had District meeting, and every lesson we had fell through...but it's ok because we still had a good day
Wednesday: ZONE CONFERENCE!!! It was amazing, I love spiritual meetings. We also had car checks, lunch with two zones, Ipad training, and correlation.
Thursday: SLOW DAY, but good
Friday: Weekly planning, a really scary lesson with a skitzo girl who believes she's being chased by cats. It was quite interesting.. but hey God loves everyone and so do I. Later we had dinner with the Zayas family! They are my home away from home away from home. After dinner the Zone Leaders and I did transfer recommendations. Transfers are next week... too fast.
Saturday: Sister Jensen and I ended up going off-roading on our bikes! We found this super sick canal with graffiti every where. We decided to take gangster pictures because, I mean, come on it's Phoenix. Later that night Sister Jensen and I almost got hit by a car and ended up crashing into each other.. It was so funny!! I have this awesome bear claw looking cut on my leg. It will be a good story starter in the future. :) Next we had a really good lesson with the Verdugo!!
Sunday: Today was good, had church, and then put Irene on date for baptism!! :)

Sorry this is short don't have much time!!

Love you all
Hermana Greenhalgh (GreenHULK)
Gangster Signs
Phoenix Canal


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