Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sleepwalking...It's a Thing! - Letter 03/16/15

Buenos Dias!

Wow what a week! This week has been one of the largest, yet the most rewarding ones of my mission. We have found so many new people, and prepared the ones with baptismal dates for their baptisms this weekend. This coming Friday and Saturday we have 4 baptisms!!!! The Palacio Family is getting baptized on Saturday! They are literally the greatest people I've ever taught! I'm so excited for this weekend! On
Friday my other friend Himberto is getting baptized! He's amazing too! He has such a strong testimony of the Gospel!

Well to sum up this week we had transfers, Olider got baptized, we had a huge stake BBQ, and found a new friend named Eduardo! He's like 80 years old and came to church for the first time yesterday! He's hilarious and he talks to us about his plants, and how it's amazing that a little seed can grow into a big plant. I  compared it to the seed of our faith! He loved it!

So for this week I want to ask for the faith of all of you! Please pray that people attend the baptisms of our friends this weekend, and that everything goes well. We have been fasting and praying that it will, but Satan has a way of working hard on people when they are about to enter a covenant. So please pray pray pray!!

Funny story time: so on Monday night I woke my whole entire house up!  I was laughing hysterically for 20 minutes straight in my sleep, and then I would cough, and begin laughing again. I was completely asleep
during all of this and then I started bunny hopping around, and then I would sit in different places in the house, and then I flopped back into bed and started talking in Spanish.  I don't remember any of this,
but my household got quite the laugh. Hmm guess that means I'm stressed out? Please feel free to diagnose me...

Thank you for all your support!

Love you all,
Hermana Greenhalgh

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