Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, February 23, 2015

Arizona Adventures! Letter 02/23/15

Buenos Dias,

Como estado todos? My week was pretty good, and some great things happened. I've had some really insightful personal studies and my testimony of the Gospel has skyrocketed! I love this Gospel and I'm so
grateful I get to be a missionary at this time. As the months are narrowing and coming home gets closer I've been thinking of how much I have changed and grown since being out here. Eleven short months ago I left home, and I never would of thought I'd be where I am today. I know that without my mission I wouldn't have gained the strong testimony I have today, and I would have missed out on these amazing people in Arizona.
Recently our mission got new applications for our IPads to do Family History. As I've looked back at the stories and past generations it makes me grateful to know how I got here. My 4th great grandpa was a
guard of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and a family friend. On the other side one of the greats hated the "Mormons from America" it's funny to think how far we've come. I invite you to all download the Family Tree app and do the work! There is no greater happiness than doing the work of salvation.
As for my week:

Monday- We had a Zone Pday at the park. We played games, and ate pizza. It was really nice to be in the sun, and get some awesome tan lines. I'm going to be Neapolitan colored when I get home! Later that
night we had 3 successful lessons and found some new investigators.

Tuesday- Today we had District Meeting and it was super spiritual. I love inspirational meetings, they get me pumped to get back out and do work. We really kicked it into gear this week with teaching. We had 23
lessons which isn't much but so much improvement from the last couple weeks.

Wednesday- Today we did 3 hours of community service at St. Mary's Food bank. We put together large food bags for people, and helped over 1000 families. The nice thing about the initiative we are doing is we
can do service any where we go through the justserve.org website. Check it out!

Thursday- Today we went on exchanges. I went to the English area with Sister Schroeder. It's funny I have literally lived with her my whole mission except 2 transfers.  She's also from Idaho and we get along great. We taught lots of good lessons. One lesson that was really unique was with the Lee family. There was a old lady sitting in the front yard in a wheelchair. She had rolled herself into a bush and was stuck there. I pulled her out and she was a little delusional but spoke to me a little bit. Her son came out and he's 80... Guess how
old she was? 101!!  Once I had gotten her our of the bush she wanted to go inside but couldn't get her wheel chair in. So I picked up and hauled her inside. She was so sweet and started to tear up, then kissed me on the hand. It made me miss my Grandma Pat a ton! We shared a little message with them and then I had to say the closing prayer.  While I was praying then old lady was trying to whisper in my ear, I couldn't help but laugh. Later we had dinner with a Samoan family.  It was really good!

Friday- Today we had weekly planning, and after I kicked the Elders butts in a chili eating contest. They brought in ghost peppers, which are the 2nd hottest pepper in the world. It was 3 elders and me who ate them.  They got it on video. They all cried.  Not one tear was shed from me. That's right! I eat chili on the daily. Good thing my dad used to give us jalapeƱos when we were little. It was just in preparation for my mission! Later that night we had a FHE with the Montes, a part member family! We played Scatagories in Spanish!

Saturday- Today was a fairly normal day, we got invited to have brunch with a part member family! She made Mexican omelets and strawberry cream cheese French toast! Talk about good food! Later we
had some good lessons and it was great day!

Sunday- Today we had 3 part member families come to church!! Whoop whoop! It was so good! Later we had a amazing lesson with a less active! I've been working with her since I got to Phoenix and she's
coming back to church!!! Later we had a good dinner with the Bishop's family!

Okay big news.... they found our CAR!! The guy used it for an assault to kill someone, then ended up wrecking it! The police found it, but didn't find our stuff.  Hopefully we will be getting paid for it! We
won't be getting the car back.  It's going to a different Zone in the mission.

Well hope everyone had a great week! Thank you to the people who actually write me!

Hermana Greenhalgh

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