Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, September 29, 2014

Transfers, Blessings, and Much More! Letter 09/29/14

Buenos Dias,

How was everyone's week? My week has been good, it has been a pretty quick week again and time seems to be molding together. My companion and I are staying together for another 6 weeks! I'm super excited because we work so well together, and are seeing some miracles! How are things back in Idaho? I would love some letters, so let me know how things are back home! The weather here has been pretty overcast, and HOT as always. We have had a couple of monsoons, but its been pretty decent. 
So a look back on this last week:
Monday: We said Farewell to Sister Westfall, and did our normal P-day activities. Later that night we had FHE with Sister Schroeder's members because we had to split areas until she got a new companion. We had FHE with a Patriarch, and an old Bishop it was fun! After we had pie and brownies :)
Tuesday: Today we had District Meeting, and then headed to a lesson with some new investigators named Maria y Lupe. We taught the Restoration and talked about the importance of having modern-day prophets. Later that night we had dinner with the Garcia Family, and then a lesson with Sister Schroeder's new convert Norma. 
Wednesday: Today we headed out to Stanfield #mosquitocity and had a lesson with some of Sister Schroeder's investigators, later we did our normal Spanish study, and Facebook proselyting hour. When we finished we had a lesson with a guy named James with some members from the English ward. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and the Stop Smoking Packet. I kind of struggled through this lesson because it reminded me a ton of Grandma Pat, but I got through it and after the members bought us Chick Fil A for dinner. We actually didn't have dinner so we headed over to Chick Fil A and they walked in and bought us dinner. I think it's so awesome that members are willing to always help out the missionaries. I'm going to be that way when I return from my mission!
Thursday: Today we had transfer meeting and Sister Schroeder got a new companion named Sister Rawlings she is actually a Spanish missionary but she is coming to English work for a transfer. Elder Collins who just finished training became our new District Leader, and a TRAINER!! He is training a new elder named Elder Hoyt from Chicago. Also I saw Elder Reese from high school, he is Melissa's age, He just got into the mission are Wednesday. Later that night we had dinner with Hermana Bautista and drove all they way to Eloy #tootoughtodie After we found Walter my recent convert and talked with him. After Eloy we headed back to Casa Grande, and had a lesson with Noe, who was my first baptism here. He is amazing! We are working with him right now to prepare to serve a mission. I have never seen someone so determined to serve. His testimony has sky rocketed since I met him! We read in Preach my Gospel with him, and at the end of the lesson he was praying and said "thank you for the sisters for helping me so I can be a good missionary" AHH! Yes lets get the papers ready!! 
Friday: Today we had weekly planning then had zone lunch at Big Wa. Later we found this little old Mexican guy named Roberto.  He is so sweet and is super interested in the Gospel. He is also afraid of the Second Coming and loves to talk about it! After our lesson with him we had dinner with Hermana Zarate and her family. Something that amazed me was I could fully understand what she was saying in Spanish! It's such an improvement because I used to not be able to understand a word she was saying let alone speak back, but I had a full on conversation with her! YES the Gift of Tongues is real!
Saturday: Today we had the Women's Conference! It was the best ever! I loved the talk from Sister Marriott and President Uchtdorf. It's amazing how inspired they are to speak to us on topics our world needs right now.
Sunday: Today was the Primary Program for our Branch and the 5th Ward. It was so cute this little girl named Nubia who has Autism came up and kissed me on the cheek. Her mom freaked because she has never liked any of the Sister Missionaries, ever! She also won't interact with anyone, but she will talk with me! It melts my heart! :) Her mom said "you must have a special heart that she understands" :')
All in all it was a great week. I hope everyone is staying safe, and enjoying Fall in Idaho! 

Con Amor,
Hermana Greenhalgh
Pedro reminds me of Stavie off of The Ringer

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