Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Thursday, September 4, 2014

August 25 - September 3: DIVERTIDO!

Buenos Tardes Mi Familia y Mi Amigos,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week, and is enjoying SEPTEMBER! First of all I can't believe it's September already, 5 months ago I left home! I've been thinking a lot this week about how amazing my mission has been. I know that I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here right now. I have learned so much here, and I have so much more to learn. There is nothing that is holding me back from reaching my full potential! 

So I have a little paragraph about each day, this week has been amazing! 
*Monday August 25: After I got done emailing the others sisters, Sister Johnson and I went to Fry's Grocery stores for shopping, while there Sister Schroeder lost her name tag. We were all looking frantically for it. I decided to stop and pray, within 5 minutes we found it!! Later that day we went bowling with my Zone, and guess who won... ME! Yes I got the highest score out of my league! Later that day we had another dust storm while we were out tracting. We found a new lady named Daniella. She is solid, and is really interested.

*Tuesday August 26: Today we had District Meeting, and then did our normal online proselyting. That night we had dinner with a member named Estella. She is super funny, she is trying to learn English right now so we love to practice with her! After dinner we were out tracting again and met these two teenagers Chris and Jacob. We showed them a video and were talking with them, then Jacob goes "Do you mind if we smoke some weed?" We both looked at him and said we didn't appreciate it. Both Chris and Jacob laughed, then Chris who actually seemed interested told us to come back another time. So we left and continued knocking doors at 8pm which is really not safe, but hey no fear! God's on our side! We knocked this door of this lady named Janet. She let us in, and started telling us how she was Buddhist... She is also a hippy, and an artist. She said "Farout, and Righteous" at least 12 times while we were there. She had some incense burning and it made Sister Johnson and I both really sick.

*Wednesday August 27: Today all of the Sisters and I woke up at 5 am, got ready, and headed to Gilbert for the MISSION TOUR. On our way we stopped at McDonald's and got breakfast and then hurried to the church. We had a General Authority speak to us!! Elder Sweitzer of the Quorum of the Seventy.  His talk was amazing! We found out that Todd D. Christofferson is coming to our mission in a couple of weeks!! After the conference the mission all got to together and had lunch. After we left with the Elders and headed back to CG! Back in cooltown we taught Marianne, who, by the way, is on date for the 13 de Septiembre!! WHOHOO! We had an amazing lesson with her about tithing! After we taught Pedro, and headed to dinner with the Seabrings. When dinner was over we headed to the church and went on splits with the Branch Presidency. Presidente Sellars took Sister Johnson, me, Hermano Carr, y Hermano Gregorio to Stanfield. Stanfield is all farm town and 30 miles away... When we got to Stanfield my legs started itching super bad, I looked down and I had about 15 mosquitoes biting me at one time. Sister Johnson got bit a ton too. I ended up with 62 bites that night...

*Thursday August 28: Sister Johnson and I spent the day in Eloy #tootoughtodie, Toltec, and AZ City finding people to teach. We found 6 people and had lessons with them. Later we had dinner with Hermana Bautista, and then headed to English class. When we got to the English class the Elders, Sister Johnson and I forgot the papers for the English class so we all decided to teach how to order food, and and parts of the body. It turned out really good, and super hilarious. Elder Collins drew a stick figure on the board and then we all sang "Head, shoulders, knees and toes!"

*Friday August 29: Today we had our regular weekly planning, and then we did Zone lunch at BIG WA! The people at Big Wa know who we are now and have a table waiting for us! :) After lunch we did District Spanish study which was awesome so it turns out that I have been saying "Hasta la fuego" which means "until the fire" instead of "hasta lluego" which means "until later." so for the last 3 months I've been telling people UNTIL THE FIRE... that's got to be awkward. Later that night we took Noe, my recent convert, out with us to go finding. We found some interesting ones tonight...Boy, they were interesting. One in particular is a Southern Baptist lady who doesn't like us at all.

*Saturday August 30: Today the Elders, Sister Johnson and I went and helped the Branch clean the church, later we taught Reeana, Marianne, and some other investigators. After we found this guy name Jose, while talking with him, his neighbor who is a JDubb -Jehovah Witness- came and tried to bible bash us.. it was great. People are so funny. Later we had dinner with the Sanchez family, and then left for the Habana's house. After the Habana's, Sister Johnson and I were walking and made a video of us singing in Batman voices and Peewee Herman voices. It was grand! Next we had a lesson with PEDRO! He loves to talk, and talk and talk and talk some more. Finally I stopped and asked him to be baptized.. HE SAID YES!! He is on date for the 20 de Septiembre!

*Sunday August 31: Today was a pretty normal day we had our studies, then went to church. We had four investigators come to church! YAY! After church we had dinner with the Muniz Family, and then headed toward a town called FRANCISCO GRANDE, it's where the NFL team used to practice btw! While driving we encountered a snake, you bet it was a big one! We took pictures with it of course! Later we found a really nice girl named Vanessa, and had a lesson with her.

*Monday September 1: Today we started out with our normal studies, and then got to work. It was really weird not having P-day! Sister Schroeder was really sick so I stayed home with her, while my companion and Sister Westfall went on exchanges. When they got back Sister Johnson and I went to Hermano Mejias Barber Shop and cleaned it for him! After we headed to the church for Facebook time, when we got to the church President Toone was there, he had to talk to some elders so he stopped and talked with us. Sister Johnson has been praying for the last few days that she would have the chance to talk with him. Well her prayers were answered! She had an interview with him, and now we get to teach some of her family! :) Later that night we were tracting and found another Buddhist lady, a lady named Gracie who didn't have pants on.., and then had an amazing lesson with Vanessa! During the lesson with Vanessa, I invited her to be baptized she ACCEPTED!!! She told us that she has been praying for a really long time that people would come into her life and show her the way. She told us "you girls are the sign!" She is on date for the 19 de Septiembre. Not only do we have 2 on date but now 3! BLESSINGS! :D

*Tuesday September 2: Today we had an amazing Zone meeting, and I learned a ton about how to be a more consecrated missionary! Later we had dinner with the Carr family, and had some lessons with some less actives. We also found a new family! We shared a video with them, and then they gave us Mexican bread! YUMMY!

***TODAY: We had an amazing session in the Mesa Temple! :)
Well that is all I have, I hope everyone has a good week! Talk to everyone on Monday!

Hermana Greenhalgh

Bowling with the Zone
We LOVE car rides
I'm obsessed with these flowers!
McDonald's for breakfast.. Sister Johnson and I get called the Barbies wherever we go!
Mission Tour lunch
At the temple
I love to see the temple!


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