Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, September 15, 2014

Illness Will NOT Bring Me Down! Letter - 09/15/14

Buenos Dias Familia y Mi Amigos!

How is everyone doing? Thank you for all the emails, and letters! I love receiving letters, as a missionary it's like Christmas! Anyways, this week has been really good, except for the fact that I have had Strep! My companion and I have been so sick, but it DOES NOT stop us!
Here's a run down of the week...
Monday: Record rainfall hit Arizona, there has been lots of flooding and lots of wind! Sister Johnson and I had tons of fun playing in the rain! Later that night we went and had Noche de Hogar (Family Home Evening) with the Habana Family! It was so much fun, we watched two movies about the sacrifice of the pioneers. It makes me so grateful for all the things they did for us, and the opportunities we have today to know of their history. After the movies, we had to drive home in two feet of mud, let's just say our car is supposed to be white but just looks like a big brown blob right now! 
Tuesday: Today we had District Meeting, did our regular daily proselyting, and had dinner with the Carr Family. It was a pretty regular day, but still always fun! Some sad news is two of our investigators who were on date fell off because they dropped us. BUT, we have found many more solid people to teach!
Wednesday: Today we went on exchanges with the English Sisters, I went to my area with Sister Westfall. That morning I was really sick and ended up having to go to Urgent Care, which was a nightmare... We started our proselyting around 2:00 because I slept for a couple of hours with permission from Sister Toone. Later that night we had Correlation with our Branch Presidency.
Thursday: Today Sister Johnson and I went to Eloy #tootoughtodie and also to Arizona city. That place gets scarier and scarier each time we go! People ask us all the time why they would let two blonde girls be in the scariest city in Casa Grande? Little do they know we have Heavenly Father on our side! We are safe! Later that night we had English class, and Pedro, our investigator, bless his heart, said the closing prayer in ENGLISH!! It was so good! Our students are really coming along good! After English we set up for Mexico Independence Day! When we finished we found out that two Elders from our zone were sent home for medical reasons, and our District leader had an emergency transfer to Yuma. So that throws everything out of whack for District Meetings. Transfers will be September 24, I find out this Sunday whether or not I will be transferred. There is a possibility because I have been in Casa Grande for so long, but it isn't uncommon to stay another transfer. 
Friday: Today we had weekly planning, and after went and got lunch with the whole zone. Zone lunches are the best thing ever! After lunch Sister Johnson and I went out inviting people to the Fiesta later that night. After a couple of hours proselyting we headed to the Fiesta. We got to serve, and help everyone, They had a DJ, Music, and lots of food. We had a pretty good turn out!
Saturday: We had an amazing lesson with a lady named Gloria and then later we hit up STANFIELD, or as I like to call it Mosquito town! I got eaten alive! 72 bites total! Yay for West Nile! Just kidding! But we found four new investigators out there. Later that night we had dinner with the Montelongos. During dinner I was talking to Elder Butler about Seminary, and he was saying how he didn't pass, I looked at him and said all you had to do to pass was SIT, well because I'm sick and I sound nasally, it came out as another word... feel free to interpret as you will. It was so bad! Everyone laughed for a good 10 minutes. Elder Collins said it was "journal worthy". He told all the Elders in his house and now it's a big joke they all tease me about! Illness will not bring me down! 
Sunday: Today we had Church, and had two investigators come! :) Later we had dinner with President Sellars, and then had two lessons after. 

Well that was a little bit about my week! I have new adventures everyday! :) I love being out here, and serving the people of Arizona! Hope everyone has a good week! 

Te quiero,
Hermana Greenhalgh
Sister Schroeder's Birthday Party
Dancing in the rain!
Fiesta at the church

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