Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Craziness! Letter 08/04/14

Hola Familia!

How has everyone's week been? Hopefully good! This week has been really good... well a little crazy, but you'll read more about it! Sounds like everyone is doing good, thank you for the emails.
So here's a brief description of my week
Tuesday:  Today we had District Meeting, and got to see a scorpion! I went on exchanges with Sister Schroeder, I took over the Spanish area by myself! Ahh, I survived. We had a ton of fun, and found lots of people to teach. We went over to La Familia Habanas for Marcos 6th birthday! She made him a cake, and we sang to him. It was really awesome I got to have a 20 minute full conversation in Spanish. I felt so good! Also she made Iguana tamales... Yep we can add that to the list of weird things Hermana Greenhalgh eats. It actually didn't taste too bad.
Wednesday:  Today was a pretty regular day we had our weekly correlation with the Branch President, taught Antonio, Anel, and Marianne today! Oh and I found a cute little lizard that lives in my window, she's the size of a quarter, and I named her Lizzie!
Thursday: Today I went on exchanges again! Hermana Jacobsen had MLC, so I got to go in the English area for half the day. We taught lots of people, and it was super funny because when they asked me to read or pray I stuttered because I'm so used to Spanish. Imagine that! Later that night Hermana Jacobsen was back, and we had dinner with Hermana Bautista! She made us her Green Chile enchilada's they were amazing. She also made us rice, beans, and we had ice cream, and donuts. AHH. So many calories. By the way I've been super weird with how many calories I eat, I watch everything I eat. I'm becoming a health nut. Anyways, after dinner we had the English class. My students are improving and doing so good! We had a lesson with our recent convert Walter after, it went pretty well. So here comes the scary news... I got bit by a black widow. It made me really sick! I had a huge bite on my leg with 2 black dots where the black widow bit. It made me super sick with stomach problems, so I've been dealing with that for the last 3 days. The members said that usually the stomach issues will last for 3-4 days. But, hey it's probably fine.
Friday: Today we had weekly planning, and after had lunch at Chipotle with the Zone. The picture on Facebook is from Friday. Everyone goes and gets their food, and we meet back at Chipotle. Two of the missionaries from the Zone were missing though. Later that night we had dinner at the Habana's it was really good. When we were leaving their huge dog, I'm talking huge, came up to me. Hermana Jacobsen said "Don't run, or he'll get mad." So I started walking slowly, and he was right behind me, and barked. It scared me, and I screamed, then he bit my butt. Yeah talk about I'm done with being bit this week. Haha, I had a huge mark on my skirt which was so convenient because we were headed to the Visitor's center. Sofia one of our members drove me, Hermana Jacobsen, and Antonio to Tempe. Earlier that day Sofia fell and gashed open her chin, she was bleeding on the way to the Visitor's Center, but she's ok now. When we got done at the Temple we were on our way home and Sofia was talking to me about the crimes that have been going on. So remember when I told you guys about our hike at CG Mountain? Well when we were up there, there was also a dead body up there. A girl was murdered in Eloy, my area, and they hid her body at CG Mountain. Good thing we didn't find it, I can't imagine... Well next story was 3 kids were murdered in my apartment complex right when I got into Casa Grande back in May. It's so awesome that missionaries can't watch the news! When we got home I was all paranoid, and we were doing daily planning, and it was like 10:30 at night. We got a knock at the door. I about lost it, I ran so fast to my room. Luckily, it was the Bishop and his wife from the other missionaries ward. 
Saturday:  Today we went to Arizona City, and found a new lady named Anna. We have a return appointment with her soon. Later that night we had dinner with the Carr Family! She made us her homemade pizza it was amazing! She gave me the recipe! Other than that today was pretty regular.
Sunday: Today was really good, we were fasting and we had break the fast after church. Everyone brings food, and the Branch breaks the fast together. Hermana Cano a lady in our ward told us not to eat because she was making us dinner. So we just sat around and talked with the members for a few minutes. When we got to Hermana Canos house, her husband walked in the kitchen with a bowl full of steak that was as big as my head. We all had steaks that big. They told us we had to eat it! Then she had potato salad, beans, avocados, and cinnamon roll cake. Then to top it off her husband brought out more steak. I think I've had enough meat to last me a lifetime literally. After dinner we went to Hermano Mejias house, he's the one who acts in movies. It was his birthday so she made us more food. YAY. I was dying at this point, but had to do it. Well we sang to him, and then he got out the pictures from his movies, and showed the Elders and us. He is also the one who can never get my name right well we have new one to add to the list. "greenbra" 

Well that is all I have for this week, I hope everyone is doing good!
Te queiro,
Hermana Greenhalgh


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