Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letter 07/28/14

Buenos Tarde Familia!

How is everyone doing? Hopefully enjoying the rest of the little bit of of summer you all have. It's summer here 24/7.. This whole week has been 115 and higher. DYING! Just kidding, but it has been really hot here. 
So here's a weekly round-up of my week:
Monday: We went hiking, hopefully you got all the pictures I mailed home. Later that day we played zone sports, and then I got a surprise package! Thanks MOM! 
Tuesday: BEST DAY OF THE WEEK. I got to go on exchanges with Sister Westfall in the English area. I absolutely loved it!  I made my first street contact in full Spanish! I was so happy! It was a big accomplishment for me because my companion usually buts in as I start speaking so it was nice to actually have a chance. That night Sister Westfall, who is actually from Boise, and I went to a members home to eat dinner. They had 8 cats... EWW. But they also has like 5 baby kittens that were really cute.  They gave a us pizza which I was super happy about because I was afraid I might eat cat hair. Later that night we went to a guy named Victor's house, and his niece started painting my nails during the prayer.. haha she was only 6, she did a great job!... except for the fact she got nail polish all over my Ipad case, but it's all good!
Wednesday: We went the the Mejias Barber Shop. They are a couple in our ward who always go to lessons with us. Hermano Mejia played in the movie 3 Kings with George Clooney and Mark Walberg, He also played Saddam Hussein in a Madonna video. He looks identical to him haha. Anyways when we got to the Barber Shop we taught a lady named Marianna. She is awesome, and we put her on date for September 13. While we were there, there was this lady named Sandy, who is in the Episcopal Church, who was Bible bashing us the whole time. It was one of the worst bible bashings I've been in yet. Well we finally got out of there, and headed to dinner. I have never been so happy to leave some where in a long time. We had dinner at the Seabrings, the husband is from here, and the wife is from Argentina. They are super nice, and really ODD. 
Thursday: We went to Arizona City today, and found Alma and her mom Marianne. They are solid investigators, and are super interested in finding the truth. When we got to the end of our lesson we asked them to kneel in prayer with us, Marianne kneeled and then cramped up and was stuck on the floor.. it was super embarrassing.. Later that night we taught our English class again, it wasn't as good of a turn out as the first one.
Friday: Today we had weekly planning, and then went to Chick Fil A for lunch, the Elders went to InNOut Burger and snuck it into Chick Fil A.. The cow wasn't very happy, but they wouldn't kick missionaries out haha. There was about 25 missionaries in there! Later that night we had dinner with the Montelongos, and then went to Coldstone with our investigator Antonio.. He hates ice cream... Awkward. We just got it anyways.. He didn't tell me thank you or anything for buying it. Oh well, he later told me my Spanish sucks. 
Saturday: Today was Waylin's Baptism. Waylin is a foster kid who lives with the Carr Family (they have 14 kids.). It was a really neat baptism, later we had dinner with the Sanchez Family, She gave us pizza and donuts... UGH So much unhealthy stuff. But it's all good.
Sunday: Today was a really bad day, I woke up with a migraine, and had it all day. I also made Antonio cry because we showed him a video and it reminded him of his home back in Honduras, and he got mad and stormed off. He came back later and wouldn't talk to me.  Later that night we watched scorpions fight with black widows. Don't ask me why we do weird stuff. When you're a missionary you have to find ways to entertain yourself.
Today: We went golfing at this members golf course. We got to drive the golf carts, and I'm really bad at golf!! But it was still super fun, after we went to Coldstone!
Well that about sums up my week.
Have a good week everyone! 
Love you all,
Hermana Greenhalgh

Playing golf with the District
My district. Elder Bronson the one with the glasses on went to Hillcrest. I've known him since 7th grade.
Little girl painting my fingernails

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