Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Boy! It has Been One of "Those" Weeks!

Hola familia,

How is everyone doing? Transfer calls came last night, and I'm staying in Casa Grande. I'm nervous for a new companion. I hope whoever it is will be nice. How did everyone's week go? Hopefully good. Thank you for the letters finally coming my way! A quick run down of my week is:
Monday: During zone sports Sister Westfall and I got locked out of the church for and hour and a half in 115 degree weather without a phone or anything. That was really fun! We eventually got back in and missed all of the sports. But hey, I got a nice sunburn. 
Tuesday: Today we had Greenie meeting, and our regular Tuesday meetings. It was a pretty regular day. The beginning of a long week. 
Wednesday: Today we did 5 hours of service for the Carr family. We built walls around their pool. I got fried, and after Hermana Carr made us homemade pizza. Later that night we went to Hermano Mejias and he dressed up like Saddam Hussein and we took lots of pictures. 
Thursday: Today we went to lunch with Antonio at a seafood Mexican restaurant. We had song practice after for Kelsi's baptism. Later that night we had English class and Antonio became my best friend. 
Friday: I did daily planning by myself, and then had lunch at Big House Cafe with the Zone.  
Saturday: Today was a struggle everything went completely wrong for Kelsi's baptism. Everyone who was supposed to bring food and come to the baptism called and canceled, and everything that could go wrong did. So I had to buy cookies and drinks for her baptism. When the baptism finally started we had lots of people come so it ended up OK. I sang at her baptism, and the other Sister's Baptism. Hermana Jacobsen's parents came to her final baptism, and then took us out to ice cream. During the dinner for the baptism I was putting a table away and tripped and completely face planted into the table. I am covered in bruises and have a huge golf ball size knot on my leg. They thought I fractured it, but no it's just a really big notch.  
Sunday: Went to church did the normal meetings, and then had dinner with the Seabrings to say goodbye to the dying missionaries.
Sorry I don't have much to write this week, it's been a really rough week but even though people don't know who I am, or know how to say my name, I know that Heavenly Father knows my name and is aware of me. I'm so ready for this new transfer. 
Hope everyone has a good week
Hermana Greenhalgh
Dogs love me!
Saying goodbye to Sister Jacobsen
Kelsi's Baptism
Marcos' Birthday
Marcos loves me!
Matching with Sophia
Saddam Hussein


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