Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Week of Interesting Events - Letter 04/24/14

¡Hola Familia!

     Well this week has been nothing short of interesting. Thursday I got hit with a rock the size of a golf ball and ended up with a concussion. I´m doing fine just have to take things slow. Friday we had a 7.5 earthquake which was super duper crazy! Saturday night we had 2 calls at midnight, and strange workers knocking on our doors. Monday in every room there was one bed made and one messed up. Nothing was stolen just rearranged. Another thing is I keep meeting look  a likes of people from back home. There is one kid who is identical to Zach Nelson not even kidding talks and acts just like him. Next my companion and I were looking at my camera and over 200 pictures I had on there from opening my mission call, the bebes, getting set apart, and my first few days at the CCM are gone. I´m sad but good thing you guys have them on your phones!!
    Besides strange events my week has gone alright, after a while the CCM gets boring. We now have dose investigators named Abraham and Edquardo. My companion and I are getting along great and we have been working hard. I haven´t met anyone I know yet, but there have been a few Elderes from Idaho and some that are going to Idaho. I will usually email around 9 or 10 if people want to email me and I can get back on periodically throughout the day and check. We have had some great devotionals from Dallin H. Oaks and one by President Uchtdorf on Easter. How was Easter for everyone? I missed you all especially the little ones and the Easter egg hunts. I received your package thank you soo much! It came at the perfect time! Let me know when you guys receive my letter it has some things in it for Melissa, Shar, and Konman. 
    So I´m starting to figure out my talents... sewing.. who would of guessed. I have now sewed skirts, purses, jackets, suits and everything in between. The CCM President´s wife let me have her sewing machine while I stay here. I now run a sweat shop... Just kidding. One elder from New York was running and slipped and tore his suit to pieces I am now trying to repair it. He is unable to buy a new suit because he doesn´t have the means. So I´m giving him the cash I have and I arranged with the President to take him out and get him a new one. It was a very humbling experience, and I´m very grateful for all that I have and the talents I have been given. I encourage all of you if you know someone in need to help them in some way. 
   I miss the little ones please send me pictures and keep me updated on how they are doing and what they are doing! I´m happy Shar is talking and little B is army crawling. Tell Konman to build something with his new legos and send me a picture of it. Tell Addie Park I miss her! Give them hugs from Linds! 
 I hope you all are having a great week and are enjoying Easter treats! I love you all!
Hermana Greenhalgh
 Adjusting to the constant noise!

Studying hard
Packages from home!

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