Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Letter - 05/01/14

¡Hola! Familia,
     My week has been good, I now have 3 investigadores and TRC (in field training) so time flies by so quickly. We taught our investigadore Adrain he is amazing he is progressing in the gospel and he left our last lesson in tears, and wants to be baptized asap. It has been raining almost everyday here and so the bugs and spiders have been so bad. Spencer Shipton arrived here yesterday and another kid that graduated a couple years before me named Wesley Billman.
    Today we got to visit the Temple or visitors center because the Temple is closed for remodeling but it was still super neat! We got to go through and buy things and meet real investigadores. I bought a shirt that says "I´m happy I´m Mormon" en espanól super sweet! I also bought mini Poloroids of Jesus Christ. 
 So something really cool happened as I was leaving the visitors center 4 strangers came up to me and started asking me where I was from and just small talk, well we asked them if they were interested in hearing about the Church, they were immediately interested. I talked with them and invited them to go into the visitors center and they accepted I was so stoked!
    So last week I was telling you about the Eldre with the ripped suit so I fixed his suit, he got a new one, then I gave him about $110 for a new one when he gets to Chile. When I gave him the suit and money he began to cry and said "you have no idea how much I needed this". It was a neat experience. I´m glad I can help people, and serve. Missionary work is awesome. I´ve also fixed 3 or 4 skirts, 3 pairs of pants, 2 suits, and have a couple people bringing their stuff past my casa in a little while.
     In other news things have been pretty slow, my Spanish is moving forward I´ve been studying a ton, and praying a LOT. I hope everyone back home is doing well! As we were driving today to the Temple I got to see a lot of what Mexico looks like. It was very humbling I now understand why so many want to come to America. I saw many homeless children looking for food. It breaks my heart, I want to pick them all up and give them all I have! I´ve noticed the people here are sooo kind, there is a bad stereotype in the US that they are bad. Not all are bad, most are just lost. I love the people here, and God loves them too. 
   I hope every has a great week! Love you all.
Hermana Greenhalgh
P.S I received my itinerary, and I leave in 2 weeks! Also have you guys received my letter?
The Visitor's Center at the Mexico City Temple
Christus at the Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center
Mexico City Temple
Running her "sweat shop"
Street in Mexico City
Hermana Greenhalgh and Hermana Finau

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