Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Letter - 05/08/14

¿Como le va Familia?
I´m doing pretty good, this week has been super slow and boring. But for the most part I´ve gotten through it. I hit my month mark tomorrow! Can you believe it has been a month already. I can´t even fathom how fast time has flown. I leave in a week and half for Arizona! I´m so ready to get back in the states. The native Eldres y Hermanas follow me around and touch my hair. Gets kinda weird but what do you do? It´s probably fine haha! 
Some neat things that happened this week was we had a live broadcast devotional with Eldre Holland. He seriously is the best speaker ever. I´ve learned so much and changed so much. Uno de mi Maestros (One of my teachers) came up to me and was telling me how proud he was of how much I´ve grown while being en de CCM. He said my Spanish has gotten so good. I´m not fluent but I can hold a conversation! It´s crazy to think I could only say 3 Spanish words now I´m saying MAS Espánol. Mi investigadore Adrain is almost ready for baptism. He is so excited and ready. I love the work here! Mi districto does service projects every Friday and the guy who sets them up is identical to Jerry Lewis the actor. It kills me every time we talk with him because I can´t stop laughing. :) We always end up cleaning the comiedor and get free drinks after! Sorry I don´t have a whole lot to say this week it´s been not the best. 
How is everyone doing at home? Hopefully well, I don´t have pictures at this moment to send but later tonight I will send some. Whose ready to Skype? This girl right here. I´m excited to see all of you! So on Sunday my Skype time is 3:30-4:00 Mexíco time. Please be on and ready for my call or else we won´t be able to talk. I´m setting up my Skype right now so I will add the username. If Skype doesn´t work I will be calling I only have 25 minutes. PLEASE ANSWER!! 
Well I hope you todos have a muy bien week!!
Hermana Greenhalgh

The blue "panic circle" - picture taken the day of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake
With Sister Gill
Nacho Libre bike
So much sewing...so little time

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