Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Made it to Mexico!!!

Hola Familia!
I made it here safely... it´s definitely culture shock. everyone drives super super crazy like drunk drivers x10.. ahh! I got my name tag I feel all official and such! How are you guys holding up? Hopefully well! I love you guys and miss you but I wouldn´t be any where but here right now. The CCM (MTC) is beautiful and everyone is so kind. My flights were crazy but I felt the Spirit and followed it so I found my way. I teach my first lesson in Spanish on Friday! Pray for me I´m nervous! I get to meet my companion in a few minutes, then I just have orientation the rest of the day, and I get to take a NAP!!! Jet lag is kicking me in the pants. Well I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a wonderful remainder of your week, and I´ll email you on P-day which I´m not sure when that is yet. Keep your heads up and remember Heavenly Father loves you!
Hermana Greenhalgh

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