Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My First Week in the CCM! Letter 04/17/14

Hola Familia!
Buenos Dias! How is everyone doing? I´m doing great. My first week was good, my companion is Hermana Finau she is from Maui Hawaii. We taught our first lesson on Friday to Carlos our investigator. It was not so good. But we have kept on teaching and last night we committed to baptism on Cinco de Mayo, he accepted! Missionary life is great! I like it a ton! I haven´t really gotten homesick this has just become my new life so I´ve been doing great. The CCM is beautiful it´s 90 acres and has lots of houses and classroom buildings along with a store, post office, and gym.They keep it up like the temple grounds mowing and trimming everyday. We aren´t allowed to leave the CCM because the town is so scary. The cops walk around with machine guns, and there are no lanes for traffic rule is as many cars as you can fit! We constantly hear gunshots, sirens, and car horns, along with random fireworks throughout the day. The fireworks sound like the ones off of Hunger Games so every time they go off we do Rues Whistle and the Mockingjay Sign! Everyone does it. My Spanish is coming along, it´s hard but I´m starting to pick it up! My teacher is awesome his name is Hermano Sachez he has given me a ton of advice and is super helpful. 
So a cool experience this week was my companions cousin died before she came here his funeral was Saturday. She was having a rough rough time and I had the prompting to tell her to ask for a Sacerdocio (Priesthood) Blessing she just told me no so I let it go. About 20 minutes later she agreed and got one it was soo spiritual! I found out later that if I wouldn´t of told her to get that blessing she would be home right now. I´m grateful for promptings! Also my branch president told me he can tell I have a strong testimony "it´s something in your eyes" he said. Thank you for all your support and prayers I definitely feel them! I hope everyone is having a great week! My Pdays are Thursday so email me! Tell people on Facebook my email! Graciás! I love you and miss you all!
Hermána Greenhalgh

P.S. I will send pictures next week still trying to figure out the computers!

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