Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, July 6, 2015

Enjoy Life!! Letter 07/06/15

Familia! Amigos! Extraños!

How's everybody doing? How was the 4th of July? My 4th was pretty eventful except Los Mexicanos don't celebrate much, but it was still fun! We decorated my apartment with decorations for the holiday, and then Sister Jensen and I threw together a mini BBQ with Eduardo (my grandpa), Olider, the Elders, and the Rodriguez family! We bought hamburgers, hotdogs, and also ate s'mores! The Rodriguez brought horchata, and tamarindo, and we played with bubbles, glow sticks and with the football. It was quite the makeshift party! I watched a little bit of fireworks by my apartment on the 3rd, but they were nothing compared to Idaho Falls! All in all it was a good weekend!

Miracle time!! So lately our teaching pool has been getting smaller and smaller because people aren't willing to keep commitments so we have to move on without them.  Anyways Sister Jensen and I have been praying all week to find new people before transfers come. Well, Friday morning we went to each companionship in our zone and asked if they had some fun finding ideas. One of the companionships said to talk with the Eloteros, they are the people that ride around on Nacho Libre bikes and sell corn. We thought, why not? Let's do it! So Friday afternoon we were walking around in this apartment complex and its 111 degrees outside, no one is outside for very good reason. So we keep walking and we see this little Elotero, I'm talking little like 4 ft little, selling drinks to two guys. We ran over there and started talking with them. Well, as you see, the Elotero had been talking to these two guys about God, then guess who walks up... Yep the missionaries! BAM! They were so flabbergasted by us because they had just been talking about God. We ended up having an awesome street contact, and set up a return appointment with them! We are stoked! Also, that same night we found 6 new investigators! Coincidence? I think not, God answers prayers!

This week was super good! I had my final doctors appointment for my arm, and everything is healed! Also, we went hiking this morning at Montaña del Sur it was super fun!! I love the outdoors, especially in beautiful Arizona! I hope everyone has a good week! Keep in touch!

Con Amor,
Hermana Greenhalgh

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