Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, November 10, 2014

Phoenix 101 - Letter 11/10/14

Buenos Dias!!!

I'm in Phoenix!!!! Well just to let you know it is completely different from Casa Grande.  I miss Casa Grande like crazy, and all of my investigators.  But, I'm so happy to be here in Phoenix. Well I have comprised a list of Phoenix 101 and some things you should know about it...
Phoenix 101
1. There are 3 dogs for every person who lives here.. especially chiuahuahs 
2. I am the only blonde person I have seen the whole1/2 week I have been here. 
3. There are ice cream trucks on every corner with creepy music, and they follow you around.
4. Fresh made churros every Saturday!
5. Yard sales though... Everyone has one everyday... I mean EVERYONE.
6. Phoenix is Mexico, It really is.
7. Cholos: Drug Dealers
8. Brinca Brincas: Jump houses at every party
10. Eloteros... Men on Mexican bikes selling food. Yes they do exist.
11. Nacho Libre is REAL.
12. 99 cent Goodwill
13. No one has parents, everyone is raised by their grandparents
14. No one is legal. Border Patrol does not exist here
15. Cockroaches everywhere
16. The Sun is unusually hot, and we ride bikes every day
17. Soccer is a super big deal here. Tournaments everywhere you go
18. Dulce Mexican candy Aisle
19. Cactus is in the Produce aisle, it's actually pretty good.
20. Apartments, EVERYONE lives in them
21. City buses, dirty but convenient for all
22. Homeless people #panhandling
23. Murders and molesters. We have cops and helicopters constantly looking for someone. We get papers in the mail to warn us on the daily.
24. Strip clubs.. SICK NASTY! Keep your eyes on good things.
25. The ghetto
26. No one knows how to wear modest clothes
27. Everyone is 30 minutes late to everything. PHOENIX STANDARD TIME
28. People line up by 10s to bear their testimonies, I work in a huge Ward now not a Branch anymore!
29. Mexican Bread for the Sacrament
30. Phoenix is a real life Novela: Mexican Soap Opera
31. Everyone kisses you on the cheeks...don't like it. Get used to it.
32. Tennis shoes on every telephone pole
33. No one keeps the Sabbath Day holy, not even the members
34. Canal Catfish, yes people do feed us fish from the canal
35. Pawn shops on every corner
36. ...MY FAVORITE... Street corner churches, people who preach on the corner and catcall about God, and how much they don't like missionaries
37. Taco Busses
38. Sons push moms around in wheelchairs to get from place to place.
39. People steal shopping carts from stores and then use them back and forth to different stores and then store them in their house. 
40. Billboards, bumperstickers and signs.. Careful what you look at.

Well this is my random list of things you should know about Phoenix! I hope you enjoy!!  I will continue to add new facts and findings each week! All is well here! 

Love you all,
Hermana Greenhalgh

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