Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, May 4, 2015

Time Flies When You're Busy! - Letter 05/04/15

Que Es Bueno? What's good?

   Hello family and friends! How was everyone's week? My week was extremely busy! We have 4 people on date right now, and a wedding we are planning for Cecilia, who's getting baptized on the 16th of May. Next there is Eduardo for the 23 of May, Olga for the 30th of May, and finally Beatrice and her daughters whose date is the 16th of May, but we are moving her date! So there's a lot going on right now! We also
found an awesome new lady to teach named Patricia! She is so prepared.  I have never seen the Lords hand so strongly in the work until now! Phoenix is on fire! We are working a ton with less actives as well!
Someone I have been working with for almost 6 months now is finally active after 10 years of being inactive! Everything that is going on reminds me of the story of the lost sheep! It's one of my favorites because no matter how many sheep the Shepard has, He still loves each of them individually! I feel like certain people I'm teaching are those lost sheep I was sent specifically sent here to Phoenix to teach!

As far as everything else went this week, I had MLC with the Zone Leaders and Sister Johnson in Tempe! We dressed like the Mexican flag and wore sombreros and ponchos! We are taking this whole all Spanish
Zone to heart! It was awesome! We were spiritually edified! I have to give my trainings in Spanish now! Oh yes! I'm super stoked! I'm going to miss speaking Spanish everyday when I go home! So most of my District is going to college with me! We are super stoked to hang out after the mission! My companion and I will literally be best friends for the rest of my life! We helped the other sisters this week at our apartment who were fighting, and came to the agreement that President has to keep us as companions for the rest of my mission. I have 3 more transfers!

Another thing that happened this week is we went to the Visitors Center in Mesa with Cecilia! She loved it. Something really cool about her is she keeps every single commitment we give her! She wanted to pay tithing before she was baptized, and wants to go Visiting Teaching! Ahh I just love her! I never want to leave Phoenix. Even though I have been robbed, rejected by many people, crashed on my bike, endured 110 degree days, and not had the most support from members, I love this place!

Well that's about all I have time to write today! I hope everyone has a good week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Greenhalgh

P.S. Something that every Hispanic says when we ask them to do something is "Si Dios Quiere" in English "if God wants", it's a classic saying! Fun fact for you all.

So, one time we had a sleepover and made forts!
It's getting warm!

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