Hermana Greenhalgh

Hermana Greenhalgh

Monday, April 13, 2015

Temple Trips and Spanish Culture - Letter 04/13/15

Buenos Dias Todo,
This week was excellent! It flew by, but a lot of memories were made! I hope everyone is doing good! Here's a little summary of my week!

-Monday: 5K, today I got my temple recommend back! Who hoo! 
-Tuesday: We had exchanges! I went with Sister Morris it was really fun. We found lots of people, and talked to this awesome guy named Christian, and also met a lady named Linda. While we were there Linda kept talking about her dog Lucy, after a few minutes Linda asked Sister Morris to pray, and sweet little Sister Morris begins praying and accidentally mixes up Linda and Lucy's names... Awkward. Later that night we went out with a member named Danielle.  She's 18 and awesome! We talked with her about a mission and she loved it. She asked Sister Morris for my email, and Facebook because she wants to be friends after the mission! She reminded me a lot of my little sister Melissa. It made me miss her a ton!
-Wednesday: Today we went and served at St. Mary's food bank for a few hours. It is a neat experience to be able to give food to those in need of it. We made over 1600 food bags in 2 hours. Later that night we had dinner with Hermana Angeles, had correlation meeting, then had a super powerhouse lesson with Eduardo and President Zayas came out with us. We talked about conversion, and how it's important to follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost.
-Thursday: Today we went to the Mesa Temple!! It was so awesome, I love the temple so much! Literally I received so many answers and comfort there. After we came home, we had studies, then shopped for the week, even though the week was half over.. Later I got to play TENNIS with my District.. I may not be super good at tennis but I sure kicked it! I did so good for not playing for two years.
-Friday: Today we had an all day Spanish conference. Fifty nine Spanish missionaries got together and we listened to presentations about different Spanish cultures, and how to better work with the Spanish Culture. Later that day we had love music and dinner provided to us. It was really good! When dinner was over we did a blitz in Phoenix. Fifty nine missionaries hit the streets of Phoenix and visited every less active/recent convert on the records of our ward and the other Spanish ward. It was neat! We found a new family to teach! Later that night we had some sisters from Yuma come stay at our apartment over night.
-Saturday: This morning we went and did a Spanish session at the temple! It was so unique. Spanish definitely has become one of my strengths, but it was kind of hard as well! But I got through it. I really enjoyed it. After the conference we went to Waffle House and had lunch! After we had a very successful evening with teaching!
-Sunday: Tonight we went out with a member named Claudia, she is awesome. We visited the Palacios family who just got baptized and their daughter is starting to meet with us! Yay! I'm so excited! We finished the night with stats, then went home planned, and another week over with.

I can't believe how fast time has been flying... My mission is slowly slipping away! I hope everyone is doing good. Continue seeking for missionary opportunities and serve all those around you!

Love you all,
Hermana Greenhalgh
 Biking for hours!


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